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Life Is Always Worth Fighting For

Our founding fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights: the Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Every person, born or unborn, is entitled to these God-given rights. From the moment of conception, each child is worthy of life and protection from harm.

Congratulations Rep. Phillips

This month I was going to talk about the housing needs, statistics, trends both local and national, and the new demographic data that has come out of the 2020 Census. Well, the 2020 Census data has not yet been published and then I received a very special email yesterday. An email that contains a Youtube link and an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet just could change the way we interact with our State Legislature. The video and the Excel spreadsheets were developed by State House Representative Logan Phillips. House Dist. 24, Okmulgee, Okfuskee and Hughes Counties. Logan’s work has made it a real no-brainer to track every piece of legislation coming out of our State Capital.

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‘No Kill’ Animal Shelter

About two months ago now, I saw a citizen posting on Facebook (on the ‘Community Watch’ page) about the idea of changing our shelter to a ‘no kill’ shelter. At first, I was confused and didn’t really know what that meant, but after reaching out to the gentleman and discussing it with him, I said I’d be happy to meet if he wanted to put together a committee of like-minded citizens that would present their full idea. This was a ‘question’ posed by a citizen that will hopefully evolve into a solution for our community and lead to more progress - so I thought it would be perfect to discuss in this week’s column!


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