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There’s a brand new column you need to read!

Happy New Year still… has it worn off yet? This week was the first full week of the New Year, and it’s been something else getting back into the swing of things in the office. I’m so excited this week to share with you that there is a new column, right here in your Okmulgee Times paper, called ‘The Rowan Family Tree’. It’s written by one of my good friends, Jennifer Avery, and it will keep you up to speed on all the incredible things happening with The Rowan Fund.

The Rowan Fund, that I’ve written about several times here in my column, is a local non-profit 501c3, started by Jennifer Avery and her husband Jeremy, that seeks to help Okmulgee County families foster and adopt. Jennifer will no doubt be sharing pieces of their own journey with the adoption of their second child, Jessa Rowan Avery (the namesake of this organization). I’ve personally known Jennifer for years, we went to Morris High School together, and then became acquainted again over the past few years. Jennifer and Jeremy have a biological son as well as their adopted daughter, and they are extremely passionate about educating families and providing assistance to families that want to foster or adopt.

I want to brag on them just a little bit because I know it’s hard for anybody to toot their own horn. The Rowan Fund, which has only operated for 1 year so far (!), has already helped many local families! Foster kids don’t always have the financial opportunities to participate in the same activities as other school children, so The Rowan Fund has stepped up and given towards these efforts! Foster children that have been in the system for years (especially teenagers) don’t always have a great Christmas - The Rowan Fund stepped up and made sure some of them were able to have amazing gifts! Foster parents sometimes need a night out - The Rowan Fund is helping with that as well. This is all in addition to adoption grants they provide! For more information, contact Jennifer Avery and read her new weekly column. We need to be giving to organizations like this!

Doesn’t our local paper offer great resources and insights into what’s happening in our community? This is probably bad for me to say (but that’s never stopped me before, right?), but I remember a time (quite a few years back) when the Okmulgee Times was referred to as the daily disappointment. I think we can all agree our paper does an outstanding job not only providing the news no one else is reporting, but also serving as an advocate for our community. They give local leaders a voice to share the positive change we see happening! Jennifer’s new column will be a welcome addition, so take a few minutes and read it this week!

Richard Larabee is an Okmulgee downtown resident. He serves as Okmulgee City Councilor for Ward #3, and serves on various non-profit boards in leadership roles. He is an Independent Petroleum Landman, an entrepreneur, and one of the owners of ‘The Lokal Okmulgee’, a destination coffee shop in our core business district downtown. Richard also pastors Together Church, a ministry organization focused on uniting the efforts of local churches and community organizations! If you’d like to talk with Richard about a concern in our community, need small business advice, or have questions about your oil and gas mineral rights, give his office a call today at 918-645-3161! #OkmulgeeRising #TellingOurStory

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