OSDH encourages preparedness for winter weather

As cooler temperatures make their way into the state, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) encourages the public to begin preparation for the upcoming winter weather season. Proper planning can reduce the risk of injury and illness while also ensuring a family is prepared for a major winter weather event.

Cold outdoor temperatures require residents to monitor not only their home temperature, but their body temperature as well. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises infants less than 1 year of age should never sleep in a cold room because infants lose body heat more easily than adults. In a sleeping area, babies should not be wrapped in blankets, but rather dressed in warmer clothing such as footed pajamas. Also, a baby’s face and head should not be covered while sleeping. It is important not to over bundle a baby, because overheating can be dangerous as well. 


Last quarter of 2017 full of activity for Wednesday Morning Music Club

 A special piano concert, given by Steve Sharp, son of long time member, Cordia  Sharp Belisle, was the program of October’s Wednesday Morning Music Club (WMMC). Sharp, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in piano from the University of Tulsa and a Master’s degree from the University of Missouri, currently lives in  Norwalk, Conn.  

He performed “Nocturne in D flat, Op. 27 #2”,  “Etude in A Flat, Op. 25 #1” and “Nocturne in E flat, Op. 55 #2”  by Frederic Chopin. He also played, “Una barque sur l’ocean,” by Maurice Ravel and “Sonata in A major, D 959”(Allegro, Andantino, Scherzo and Rondo) by Franz Schubert.  

Thirty-one members and guests were in attendance.

November’s meeting was hosted by Club President Dana Mims. The meeting, which  was to highlight the music of American composers and patriotic themes, did not disappoint. 

Katie Mims (daughter of Dana and Max Mims and student of Cordia Sharp Belisle) played (piano), “America the Beautiful.” 


Martin, Gray get ‘15 minutes of fame’

By Dean Craig

Okmulgee Lions

Tuesday's Lions Club program is one of those that we continually look forward to having--it's called our "15 minutes-of-fame" program featuring two of our newest Lions members.  Of course, you immediately realize why they are so meaningful to us Lions, because it means our club is continuing to grow.  Our programs normally consist of 30 minutes, so by scheduling two new members, they each can have their " 15 minutes-of-fame", in which they can boast, brag, prevaricate (flat-out lying), on themselves, their children or grandchildren (with immunity from fines from the Tail-Twister), or any such information they care to disclose.


Improvements made at Okmulgee County Fairgrounds

The Okmulgee County Fair Board consist of nine members from across the county. There are three members from each county commissioner’s district. The board members are county elected officials with one-third being elected each year. 

The current fair board members are Clint Scism – President, Marc Kutz – Vice President, Jim Hall – Treasurer, Dustin White – Secretary, Jody Gilroy, Nate Porter, Curtis Sharp, Brad Nichols, and Steve Ward.

The fair board members have been making improvements to the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds over the last several years. 

The first big improvement was accomplished with a CDBG grant that was used to improve drainage, a new roof on the cattle barn, guttering and improved parking with sidewalks and additional handicapped parking.

The fair board members have workdays throughout the year and complete most of the work themselves to reduce labor cost. 


County Republicans to meet Tuesday

The December 12 meeting  of the Okmulgee County Republicans will feature more candidates and State Representative Scott Fetgatter.  

Richard Larabee will talk about his candidacy for Okmulgee City Council, Ward #3.    

Kevin Stitt, founder of Gateway Mortgage, will talk about his candidacy for Governor.  

Representative Fetgatter will give the group another interesting update and commentary on past and future activities at the Capitol.

All those who are interested in voting Republican in the 2018 election cycle are welcome to attend this meeting.   

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the OSUIT Student Union conference room.  OSUIT is located at 1801 E. 4th Street in Okmulgee. 

The monthly business meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the same location.  The business meeting is for registered Republicans wishing to get more involved in the local group.


Recognized science faculty member to deliver OSUIT commencement address

Dr. Regina Foster, an award-winning science instructor in OSU Institute of Technology’s School of Arts & Sciences, will serve as the commencement speaker during the December graduation exercises.

The campus will celebrate its 208th graduating class Dec. 15 at 2 p.m. in Covelle Hall on the OSUIT campus, 1801 East 4th St., in Okmulgee.

Foster has a lot of experience with graduations, going to commencement ceremonies at OSUIT during her 12 years here, but also attending three of her own after earning her bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

This one will be special, though, because Foster not only will be delivering the keynote address to more than 180 graduates, but she’ll also be retiring not long after graduation.


Harassment claims on the rise in Oklahoma

By Brian Brus 

The Journal Record

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma workforce is following the lead of women in national politics and the entertainment industry who are bringing allegations of sexual harassment to light, local attorneys said. 

“I get a lot of calls each day now versus just a few a week. I’m definitely seeing an uptick in interest,” said Hilary Allen, an employment and malpractice attorney at Durbin Larimore Bialick law firm. “The majority of them are not actionable, in my opinion. But the issue is definitely on the radar now, and people are looking much more closely.” 

Elaine R. Turner, an employment attorney at Hall Estill law firm in Oklahoma City, reported a similar rise in activity. 

“Just 60 days ago, I would get one to four sexual harassment claims per year, not anything like it has been lately,” she said. 


Okmulgee County Victims Listing


Thomas Adkins

Burton Brewer

Robert Burden

Felix Chapman

Joe Clay

Walton Henbree

Ron Jackson

Henry Klaber

Harry Liles

John Lung

W.J. McAnally

Bill McClendon

William Edgar Robinson

Homer Spaulding

Kenneth Strang



Justin Archambo

Alina Johnson

Shelly Tash

Destiny Arnold

Rebecca Johnson

Ashley Taylor

Timothy Bacon

Jeremy Jones

Daneka Taylor

Brenda Barker

Mary Beth “Penny” Kafer

Rodney Thomas

Anthony Barlow

Justyn King

Nacoma Thornton

Nicholas Belmontes

Frank Lewis

Corey Todd

Ruby Biggs

Jeffrey Little Wolfe

Tim Vandiver

Larry Joe Brown

Denver Livingston

Laron Ward

Estelle Burrelle

Kenneth Livingston


Action by state puts bridge, road projects in jeopardy


Times Editor

The Okmulgee County Board of Commissioners tabled action on a burn ban for the county during Monday’s regular session.

Several nearby counties did issue burn bans due to the severe dry conditions in addition to the high winds permeating the state.

The board will review the county’s status during next week’s meeting.

Agenda items discussed were:

•Approved Officers’ Reports - For November, Okmulgee County Clerk’s Office, $23,131.80; Health Department, $41962.79

• Approved Blanket Purchase Orders - Unifirst Holdings, District 2, $700; Morris News, Legal Publications, $1,000

•Approved Employee Acknowledgement Forms - Gerald Thompson, 911 Communications, employment ceased

•Approved Utility Permits - Rural Water District 2 in District 1, on North 330 Road

•Approved Private Property Agreements - Jerry McCord, District 1, repair drainage damage


City Thanks Viersen Family Foundation for Revitalization

Thanks to the Viersen Family Foundation, and a $5,000 grant, the Okmulgee Neighborhood Revitalization Program can now move forward. Pictured accepting the check are City of Okmulgee Code Enforcement Officer Shawn “Maverick” Fritsche, Mayor Steve Baldridge and City Manager Roger Ballenger. Fritsche has worked dilligently on getting this project funded and off the ground and looks forward to helping as many Okmulgee citizens as possible. Further information on the program will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Okmulgee Times.

(Patrick Ford/Times Staff)


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