Presbyterian host shoe, book giveaway for Okmulgee County students

Barbara Wasson is seen here searching for a certain color of shoe. The church purchased 425 pairs of shoes to give out so there were options to meet any desire.
(Jessie Brydges/Times Staff)

The Presbyterian shoe and book giveaway was held again this year to offer students a chance to head into the new school year wearing new stylish shoes. Each student was given three pairs of white socks, shoes, an age appropriate book, cloth backpack, bible plus a granola bar and bottled water. Students of all ages, from all over Okmulgee County came to the church to check their foot size and receive free shoes. The church started with 425 pairs of shoes and gave away all but 75. The extra shoes were boxed back up and will be saved for next years event unless there is a need. 

“We have the homeless shelter and the woman's shelter call us occasionally asking if we have shoes in a certain size,” church member Marilyn Sulivant said. 

This year the church members were assisted by volunteers from all over the community. Okmulgee Rotary, Lions, Methodist members and workers from some of the banks came to the church to help with this event. 

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