Night at the Orpheum - Equalizer 2

Equalizer 2 brings action and story

I honestly wasn’t sure if I would be writing another movie review, but the response from the community inspired the reopening of the Orpheum Theatre. The work and positive influence that went into making sure the Orpheum Theatre keeps its doors open - it isn’t over yet. 

For almost 98 years, the Orpheum Theatre has entertained Okmulgee’s residents with silent movies and eventually blockbusters, and to ensure that this important aspect of our town stays open it needs support. 

We shouldn’t let something so integral to the uniqueness of Okmulgee disappear. We should show support and our love for the Orpheum by doing something as simple as watching a movie. 




Action movies have made a killing off of the archetypal vigilante but none have made a character that has a strong moral compass and is as empathetic as Denzel Washington’s character in the Equalizer franchise. Washington returns as the charming Robert McCall, a retired CIA agent turned semi-vigilante in Equalizer 2. 

McCall continues to provide justice to those who have been forgotten or are powerless. The premise of the plot is emphasized through its anthological style, portraying McCall in several instances delivering punishment to the guilty. At the center is an even more complex character that delves into the intricate moral starkness of the world. McCall is fascinating to watch as he navigates a very narrow world of black and white, good and bad. Despite his deadly demeanor, his character is one of the most empathetic and complex characters to grace the action genre. It’s the small snippets where McCall beats up those who inflict random injustices throughout the movie that truly shows the spiderweb that surrounds McCall and his innate need to serve justice to those who might not have the power to deliver it themselves. 

One of the most poignant and stand alone side stories in Equalizer 2 is centered around McCall and his driving need to help Miles, a wayward teen with a talent for drawing.   Miles’ side story brings out some of the best acting in the film. Washington’s performance not only highlights his character’s desperateness to uphold righteousness but also the heart hidden behind a vigilante facade. Working alongside Ashton Sanders who portrays Miles, Washington delivers one of his best performances. 

The movie is successful because it can deliver side stories that can bring the audience in, while also keeping them connected to the main plot. Antoine Fuqua creates a masterpiece of action and heartfelt storytelling that keeps audiences invested not only in McCall but those that are around him. 

The thing that connects each part of the plot so wonderfully is something that is unexpected. McCall’s moral is not the only defining feature that will entrance moviegoers.

 The fight scenes in Equalizer 2 are not the typical violent scenes that action movies have turned to in recent years. Most movies fall into a flurry of fists, gunshots and people being thrown. Equalizer 2 brings all of the best parts of a fight scene without over complicating it. McCall’s techniques are easy to watch as he delivers vengeance to wrongdoers. Orchestrated fight scenes are not boring, but instead each step is easy to follow while providing the thrill of seeing McCall beat down the bad guys. Though the fight scenes might be easy to follow, Equalizer 2 doesn’t spare any detail. It doesn’t shy away from the pain that McCall delivers to the bad guys, but relishes in it in an almost overdone way sometimes. 


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