Sunflower season in Okmulgee


Times Staff Writer


For years, Okmulgee resident Mill Moore has been growing a summer garden in the yard next to his house, and his crowning achievement of in his garden has always been his sunflowers. 

Growing up to 40-foot teel, Moore has grown a long wall of towering sunflowers blocking the rest of his garden from the street and providing shade to the growing plants. 

However this year, Moore is not the only one enjoying his garden. 

A swarm of bees has taken up residence in the branch of a tree overhanging his garden. These wild honey bees have hollowed out the branch and are enjoying the convenient flowers just below their house. 

Moore and his neighbor are currently looking into relocating the wild swarm into a bee box in order to have access to fresh honey. 

Moore has many other projects going on around his house, including setting up a pond  where he plans to raise perch and also growing elderberries for various uses.

 Moore stated he prefers to have many projects going on at once so he can stay busy rather than being idle. 

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