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Dave Crow Is An Okmulgee Community Hero!

Time to highlight another community hero!  Every few weeks or so, I focus my column on people who are leading the way in ‘Okmulgee Rising’ whether they realize it or not.  They are not always the developers or the activists who are stepping out and trying to get things done, but what they are doing is so natural and so excellent that they probably don’t realize how much it is advancing our community.  You may not realize it either.  This week I would like to focus on Dave Crow!

Let me start by honestly saying that I don’t know Dave that well.  I’ve seen him around town, and I know he’s helped out quite a bit in the past with Ms. Jackson’s Theatre classes.  Last week, I had the opportunity to hear him sing at the Main Street ‘Eats and Beats’ event we had on Council House Square.  Let me tell you – Dave can sing!  He played piano and sang ‘Stand By Me’, the classic hit song that was originally recorded in 1960 by Ben E. King, and later re-recorded by one of my favorite artists, John Lennon.  Dave’s performance was incredible!

I want to highlight an effort of Dave’s that I’m not sure many people in the community realize he plays a BIG part in: the Facebook page ‘Okmulgee County Restaurant Review’.  Dave, Joshua Crow, and April Taber run the page, which has grown to over 3,000 members. Wow!  To my knowledge, Dave isn’t paid for providing this free platform he created for us to use for reviewing our restaurants. The page is a great place to give a shout-out for excellent service at local restaurants, or when necessary, to leave constructive criticism.  I’ve watched this page grow from a distance, and I’m impressed by not only the idea, but also how much influence it is having.  Okmulgee County Restaurant Review is the local equivalent to Trip Advisor or Yelp (which we should also use to help increase the ratings of our local restaurants). All of these things help encourage travelers to stop when they’re driving through our area, and that brings in more tax revenue for out City!  

Dave’s Facebook page has been increasing in popularity, and has recently garnered even more engagement from local citizens by allowing them to vote for their favorite restaurants in specific categories.  Isn’t that a great idea? The winning restaurants have been featured in this paper, and I bet the owners were proud to have local acknowledgment.  Something seemingly as simple as a quick review of or vote for your favorite restaurant sure can go a long way in helping others, encouraging business owners, and supporting our local economy!

Dave, you’re doing a fantastic job with Okmulgee Country Restaurant Review!  Thank you for getting this going, and investing your personal time into such a great effort.  I’m excited to hear what other ideas you have, and hope to get to know you better.  You are appreciated!

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Richard Larabee is an Okmulgee downtown resident. He serves as Okmulgee City Councilor for Ward # 3, and he is the current President of Main Street.  He also Co-Chairs The Okmulgee Task Force under the Chamber of Commerce.  He is an Independent Petroleum Landman, a Small Business Sales Consultant, and one of the owners of The Lokal Okmulgee, a destination coffee shop in our core business district downtown.  Richard is also the Senior Pastor of Together Church, which currently meets at The Lokal on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m.!  If you’d like Richard to come visit your business, offer financial solutions and local advertising advice - give his office a call today at 918-645-3161! #OkmulgeeRising #TellingOurStory

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