Summer reading program entertains with local talent

Josiah ‘Skippy’ Jackson, pictured above and below, pulls volunteers from the crowd to help with one of his interactive stories.
(Jessie Brydges/Times Staff)

Josiah ‘Skippy’ Jackson was the performer at this week’s summer reading program. 

Skippy entertained the audience with interactive stories. The first one was a tale of a rabbit making a deal with a bobcat in order to avoid being his lunch. Then, Skippy had several volunteers assist him with the tale of a young girl who wanted to learn to sing. He finished up the performance with a sing along about ‘Squirmy the Wormy’ who kept eating and eating and growing bigger and bigger. Throughout the performance, he also sat and chatted with the kids, danced, sang and kept them laughing. Next week, there will not be a summer reading program as the library will be closed for the 4th of July. 

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