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Changes at The Lokal

I’m thankful for those of you who have supported the changes made by our new team at The Lokal Okmulgee!  When I first talked with Chandler about the possibility of a partnership, I could tell we had the same goals and vision for what it could be.  He and MacKenzie have been excellent partners to work with, and I’m excited about the future of the restaurant.

First off, if you haven’t come in to try the new breakfast and lunch, I think you’re in for a treat!  We’ve simplified the menu with light, fresh, (and maybe healthy) items that keep the focus where it should be: on the coffee!  For breakfast, we have muffins, bagels and parfaits. Friday mornings, McKenna (our employee, and an OSUIT Culinary Student) bakes fresh cookies! (I did say, ‘maybe healthy’!)  For lunch, we serve excellent soups, salads and sandwiches. They are SO good!  I know I’m biased, but I really can’t take much credit for the quality of the food.  That, like so many other things, is due to how hard our employees work, and how GREAT of a job our manager, Kayla Coplen, is doing!

One of the changes I’m really proud of is how we partnered with local organizations.  You may not know that we provide our used coffee grounds for the benefit of the Community Garden!  Bob Seebeck presented the idea to me before we re-opened The Lokal, and I felt like it was a perfect partnership.  Now we’re taking steps to provide our produce waste to other individuals and organizations in the community who have need of it for composting.  Maybe you have an idea?  I’d love to hear it!

In addition to community partnerships, we’ve kept some great discounts going that were in place before we bought it – and even added to them!  Any day of the week, ‘Lokal Heros’, receive a 10 % discount on anything the purchase at The Lokal.  Who are Lokal Heroes?  They’re our police officers, fire fighters, active and veteran military, and our teachers.  We want to make sure we give these people the honor they deserve – they’re the true heroes in our society!

Did you know we cater our entire menu?  When you need lunch for a small office meeting, or even a BIG conference you’re putting on – I hope you’ll check us out!  Our catering prices are excellent, and the food is always freshly prepared at the same level of quality you’ll receive in our restaurant.  It doesn’t hurt that we’ll have friendly faces delivering it and making sure you’re satisfied!

At The Lokal, we aspire to be your choice not only for coffee, but breakfast, lunch, catering and a welcoming environment that inspires you to plug into your community.  We’ll always lead the way in supporting our ‘Lokal Heroes’, and continue to do our best to provide meaningful, engaging community offerings that bring people together.  We’re thankful for your ongoing support, and would love to hear your feedback about the Lokal’s changes. We’re in a season where we’ll have more evening events, and you can always follow our Facebook page to know when these are going on.  Come see us!

You can always email me at:, and listen anytime to the entire first season of my podcast, co-hosted with Anthony Nieto: ‘Mic On Council House Square’ at, or on the Okmulgee NOW app available for download on itunes and google play. 

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Richard Larabee is an Okmulgee downtown resident. He was recently elected to serve as Okmulgee City Councilor for Ward # 3, and he is the current President of Main Street.  He also Co-Chairs The Okmulgee Task Force under the Chamber of Commerce.  He is an Independent Petroleum Landman, a Small Business Sales Consultant, and one of the owners of The Lokal Okmulgee, a destination coffee shop in our core business district downtown.  Richard is also the Senior Pastor of Together Church, which currently meets at The Lokal on Sunday mornings at 11am!  If you’d like Richard to come visit your business, offer financial solutions and local advertising advice - give his office today at 918-645-3161! #OkmulgeeRising #TellingOurStory


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