Lions get ‘tour’ of USS Batfish

Pictured from left are Program Chairman Lion Charles Otto, Brent Trout, and President Lion Duaine Janzen. (Dean Craig, Lions)


Lions Club


Tuesday's Lions Club program was quite a walk through history of WW II submarine warfare of the USS Batfish (SS-310), now permanently moored in War Memorial Park in Muskogee.  The program was presented by Brent Trout, Park Director, who has been in this position for the past four years and hails from St. Louis, Missouri.  His history lesson began in the 13th Century through the American Revolution, the first naval attack by the USS Hunley, on to the German U-Boats, and then to the U.S. Navy.

Trout was proud to brag on the 288 submarines in WW II and credits them with winning the war by sinking 2/3 of the Imperial Japanese Navy ships.  Of course, we all have differing opinions, and my opinion lies with the brilliance of Navy Admiral "Bull" Halsey for creating the 2nd Fleet (Navy), which was non-existent (only on paper, and history books refer to it as the "paper fleet").  The U.S. lost a lot of ships at Pearl Harbor, so Adm. Halsey would maneuver the ships to different areas at night and change the numbers on the ships and Japanese re-con planes would fly over the ships, taking pictures, fooling the Japanese intelligence into believing the U.S. Navy had a lot more ships than we actually had.  They had us defeated but didn't know it.  But by Divine Providence and the never-give-up resolve of our American fighting men, the U.S. of A prevailed.  So, it really doesn't matter, bottom line, we won.

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