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Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Tim Hicks, Chief Operating Officer of the Okmulgee MCN Medical Center (formerly known as the Okmulgee Memorial Hospital) at a luncheon hosted by our Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce (Thank you, Kay Rabbitt-Brower!).  When I heard Tim sharing his passion for the improvements the hospital has undergone, and some exciting new things they’re doing – I was inspired!  Here was another opportunity to shed light on something in Okmulgee that some locals seem to regard with negative feelings which were founded on rumors or outdated information.    

I was so moved by the positive things our hospital was doing, that I asked Dr. Path (he wrote an excellent column on the MCN Medical Center in the May 4th Okmulgee Times edition) to join Tim and me for lunch.  Later, we toured the hospital facilities and we were blown away.  The environment was clean, the staff were professional and courteous, and there’s SO much more happening there than I remember from before.  

The Muscogee Creek Nation purchased Okmulgee Memorial Hospital in 2014, and there’s been a lot of confusion in our community about it since then.  Tim is working with Evelyn Gulley, MCN Medical Center’s marketing manager, on a new marketing campaign rebranding the hospital with the slogan, “Your Community, Your Hospital”.  I hope this helps our local residents understand that the ER services at the Medical Center are for EVERYONE, not just Creek citizens.  I’d also heard rumors, even among community leaders, that the hospital ran out of money and was closing the doors – I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that anytime soon!  They’re expanding their programs, and looking for ways to serve Okmulgee residents even better.

Don’t like long wait times at the Tulsa Emergency Rooms?  Have you been driving to the urgent care in South Tulsa for your less critical medical needs?  You don’t need to!  Our MCN Medical Center has a fast track process integrated with the emergency room services, and it’s drastically cutting down wait times!  Think you need to drive to Tulsa for your CT scans, digital mammograms, ultrasounds, or even your prescribed nuclear scans?  That’s drive’s not necessary, either! Those services are all available right here in our community!  They’ll even have Cardiac CT Modality scans by the end of May.  We saw the MRI area as well, which offers one of the only “open” MRI’s available in our region!  

I’ve found the better informed I am, and the more  involved I become, the more I realize many negative opinions of our town stem from times past.  We’re seeing our entire community RISE now, and I’m not sure why it still surprises us to discover SO MANY positive things happening right here in our town.  Tim and Evelyn were very generous with their time and showing us around, and I’m grateful to now know more about an excellent local resource.

I encourage you to not form opinions of services in our town based only on what you’ve heard from others. If you’re one of the naysayers, make sure your information is accurate and up to date!  Don’t continue making unfounded negative comments about services you’re not even utilizing.  Our town is trying to make progress, and it’s made more in the past few years than in decades past.  Let’s change our tone and support LOCAL as much as we can.  

Next week, I’ll have Tim Hicks sitting with me on the ‘Mic on Council House Square’ podcast.  Tune in, and hear him share part of MCN Medical Center’s story.  Believe in and support the progress we’re seeing our community, and find ways you can spread the word.  Stay informed and involved!

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Richard Larabee is an Okmulgee downtown resident. He was recently elected to serve as Okmulgee City Councilor for Ward # 3, and he is the current President of Main Street.  He also Co-Chairs The Roger Brooks Okmulgee Task Force Committee under the Chamber of Commerce.  He is an Independent Petroleum Landman whose office is located in the McCulloch building across the street from the Grand Old Post Office building in downtown Okmulgee, where OSUIT students just recently moved in! #okmulgeerising


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