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OrangeFest is Back, and it’s BIGGER and BETTER than Ever Before!


If you’re reading this, hopefully it’s Friday morning, or maybe at the latest Friday afternoon because I want you to still have time to make it to OrangeFest this evening!  This week, I had the privilege of sitting down with Main Street Director, Heather Sumner, and Shari Erwin, Executive Director of Marketing & Communications at OSUIT, to discuss OrangeFest 2018.  (You can listen to our conversation, it’s the ‘Mic on Council Square Podcast’). They explained to me why this is one event you don’t want to miss! 

The OrangeFest, just a few short years ago, was called ‘Super Saturday’, and took place out on the campus of OSUIT.  It was actually a revamp of an older, similar family event from the 80s and 90s. When Shari and Heather started to work together on tweaking it, it became ‘OrangeFest’ and changed to a Friday evening full of family fun!  

This year, though, it’s a complete GAME CHANGER! Not only do we have an awesome cover band (‘The Get Down’), but the activities are crazy!  For your kids, there will be bounce houses, a chalk walk, and ice cream (that sounds like fun for me too), but for you there’s a… wait for it… Mechanical Bull, Rock Wall, Knocker Ball, Food trucks,  etc… - - - enough where there’s going to be something for everybody to enjoy!  Even if it’s just watching me fall off the mechanical bull.  I’m going to dress as Sguiggy, the Pecan Festival Squirrel, and ride it in hopes that the padding of the outfit will brace my fall!

The fun starts as early as 1 p.m. in the afternoon on the Chalk Walk, but most of the events will really kick into gear about 4 p.m. in the afternoon.  I expect Council House Square to be packed!  With the GOPO Students living downtown this year, the synergy of OSUIT and our entire Okmulgee community will be on full display!  The LOKal will be down selling cold brew and merchandise, so come by and see us too!  

I’m so proud of what our community is doing, and how are events are growing into really excellent offerings.  It may seem like a small thing, but it means more people are catching the vision of ‘Okmulgee Rising’!  Our downtown can be where you spend your Friday night.  

You’re going to miss out if you’re in Tulsa!  Young professionals can move here and start a family here knowing there’s going to be family events happening frequently across our community.  Businesses can locate in our core, downtown business district knowing they’ll have the foot traffic on the weekend they need.  Now, we’re not entirely there yet, but it’s because of events like ‘OrangeFest’ that we’re getting there.  We may even be further along than you think.

Come down this evening, sit down on a bench and observe all the excitement happening in Okmulgee.  I hope, if you haven’t already, that you’ll catch the ‘Okmulgee Rising’ bug that’s been going around the past few years!  

Shari and her staff have done an incredible job striving to make this event better and better each year.   I’m proud to have her on our Main Street board.  Heather always does an excellent job raising the bar on Main Street events as well!  Drive towards downtown and look for the 30 foot tall inflatable Pistol Pete.  

I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding it!

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Richard Larabee is an Okmulgee downtown resident. He was recently elected to serve as Okmulgee City Councilor for Ward # 3, and he is the current President of Main Street.  He also Co-Chairs The Roger Brooks Okmulgee Task Force Committee under the Chamber of Commerce.  He is an Independent Petroleum Landman whose office is located in the McCulloch building across the street from the Grand Old Post Office building in downtown Okmulgee, where OSUIT students just recently moved in! #okmulgeerising



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