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Coinciding with Dr. Seuss’ birthday, National Read Across America Day is an important annual event that encourages and celebrates reading across the country. Beginning in 1998, National Read Across America Day is vital for youth to learn about the joys of reading the possibilities it offers. 

As an English major, reading was always fun and exhilarating. Every time I opened a book, I opened a new world that I got to observe, take apart and enjoy. 

Reading is an important tool for all ages and should not only be encouraged in children but also in adults. It teaches skills that are vital to everyday life, like deduction and inquisitiveness. 

Ever since I was little, reading was one of my favorite past times. The way that I read books was very similar to the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham. Except unlike Sam-I-Am, the main character who dislikes green eggs and ham, I could enjoy reading anywhere. Yes, I could read a book in a box. I could even read a book with a fox. 

Read Across America Day is a perfect opportunity to have reading enthusiasts share their joy with others and try to get them to see the thrill of reading. This Read Across America Day enjoy a book that you have heard good things about, read a poem, or read aloud to someone. Spread the joy of reading to others March 2. 

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