Richard Larabee Candidate for Okmulgee City Council Ward 3

Richard Larabee


I aspire to be a life-time learner, servant leader, and an influencer for Christ.

I work as an Independent Petroleum Landman buying Oil and Gas leases and mineral rights from my Okmulgee downtown office.  I’m also the Bi-Vocational Senior Pastor at Together Church that meets in the Orpheum Theatre each Sunday at 11 a.m.  I’m married to my best friend, Crystal Larabee, and we have an 11-year old son, Parker Larabee, who attends Okmulgee Public Schools (Dunbar Elementary).  I LOVE being active in my community, and I currently serve as the President of Okmulgee Main Street. 

 I also co-chair the Okmulgee Task Force under the Chamber of Commerce, along with Anthony Nieto.  Last year, because of my volunteerism and local leadership efforts, I was named the Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s 2017 Main Street Hero.  

You can read my weekly column, ’Life on Council House Square’, published each Friday in the Okmulgee Times, or watch me & my family lead Okmulgee in prayer each Sunday on the ‘Okmulgee Prayer 365’ Facebook page, a daily prayer ministry I’ve founded that includes 25 of our local ministers from across denominational lines.  

Recently, I’ve also started a local podcast, ‘Mic on Council House Square’ with Anthony Nieto and the Okmulgee Times, which is available on iTunes when you download the ‘Okmulgee Now’ app, or each Friday on  I’ve included my platform below, and you can hear much more of my thoughts and the local efforts I’m involved in through my column and the podcast.

For me, my priorities are set as a Christian and family man first.  I believe strongly in the #Okmulgeerising movement we’re seeing in our community, and I work hard every day to make sure more of our citizens are involved in these grassroots revitalization efforts.  

We can lift Okmulgee up together!  Our town has so many incredible resources and assets that I want to see us promoting and taking advantage of, so we can accomplish our economic development goals.  

What are those goals?  Good, solid, well-paying jobs, and service industries that provide activities and gathering spaces for our Okmulgee citizens of all ages to enjoy.  In my view, everything I’ll push for and vote for as a Councilman falls into 3 categories: economic development, beautification, and infrastructure. The way we’ll achieve success in these 3 areas is by UNITING organizations and individuals in our community to think together and taking ACTION to solve our problems. A problem is just a challenge to me, and I know if we think creatively and keep our focus on progress, there’s no challenge we can’t overcome. I don’t want to be a talking head – I’m rolling up my sleeves and working for progress!  

If you’ve got a complaint, I want to hear your solution.  Let’s work together to make Okmulgee a better place for people to live, work, and raise families.  If you live inside City limits, you can vote for me in this election – you don’t have to live in Ward # 3.

  I’d love to have your vote, and I’d love to see us keep Councilman Javier Ramirez in Ward # 4 (You can vote for a Councilman in each Ward, so you’ll be able to vote for both of us!), and School Board member Mark Tuggle.  No matter what, get out and VOTE!  I’m hoping you’ll #votelarabee

You can reach out to me with questions or concerns 24/7 @ 918-720-1760, or

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