Leroy Parker Candidate for Okmulgee School Board Seat 3

Leroy Parker



Citizens of Okmulgee, my name is Leroy Parker and I am reaching out to you with a hope of procuring your vote for me as a candidate for the Okmulgee School Board Seat #3, on Feb. 13, 2018.

If elected to serve as member of the school board, I would propose to bring about some much needed changes in some stability to our education system. After being employed with Okmulgee Public Schools for 25 years and retiring in December of 2014, I am very well acquainted with the needs of our students, staff, administrators, and parents. I truly think that my experience could serve as a catalyst to establish the goals and objectives of Okmulgee Public Schools. 

Here are my goals:

1. I propose to bring to the table stability to our education system and continue to hire highly qualified teachers.

2. Prepare all students in a learning environment as to where teachers have expectations for all of their students.

3. Prepare educational opportunities for all students to compete with other students across the United States such as college. We want to prepare them for the job market and professions of the elite sectors of our society. No child left behind.

4. If any student is struggling, catch it and acknowledge it before it’s too late.

5. Make sure teachers and support staff set the atmosphere each morning before class.

6. Do what’s necessary to get the community involved in decision making.

7. Find ways to get necessary tools for teachers to help aid in the classroom, including workshops for teachers and support staff.

8. Pay raise for teachers and support staff.

I bring to the table all of my energy, love, and concern for the children of this community and their future. Not only do I have the background experience in this area but also my experience in education;that I hope will help me to accomplish this endeavor. I am a 1983 graduate of Okmulgee High School. I also attended Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma.

After returning to Okmulgee, I married Ms. Denise Antwine. She has given me two wonderful children; Raneeka Parker (whom also graduated from Okmulgee High School) and Caleb Parker. Denise and I also have two granddaughters, who hopefully one day will graduate from Okmulgee High School. My family and I are very community minded and we participate in various organizations and activities that would aid and promote the growth, development, and prosperity of this community as a whole. The following is a list of some of the experiences and credentials that might help you to consider me as a possible candidate to serve you in our community in the capacity of an Okmulgee School Board member.

Employment Experience at Okmulgee Public Schools:

•1989-1993 Alternative School Assistant.

•1994-1998 OHS Writers Workbench/ Computer Lab Assistant

•1999-2012 OHS Registrar

•2012-2014 Deputy Treasurer/Payroll Clerk for Board of Education 

Community Experiences:

•Member & Deacon of the First Baptist Church Central.

•Dean of Sunday School & Baptist Training Union Congress of the South West Creek & Seminole District Association.

•President of the Ushers Department of General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Oklahoma.

•Member of the Lions Club.

•Member of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Committee of Okmulgee

•Member of OEA (Oklahoma Education Association)

•Life Long Member of ESPO (Education Support Personnel of Oklahoma)

You may contact me at: 918-724-3271, leroy.parkerl964@gmail.com

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