Dr. Reginald Boudinot Candidate for Okmulgee City Council Ward 4

Reginald Boudinot



Reginald Boudinot, an Okmulgee native, announced his bid for Okmulgee City Council Ward 4. Boudinot, son of Clarence and Bette Boudinot, grew up in Okmulgee and graduated from Okmulgee High. Currently retired, Boudinot served most of his career as a senior executive for management and technology consulting firms, performing financial management, contracting, and other services.  

“After grad school, I went straight to Computer Sciences Corporation which was a very large software development company,” Boudinot said. “It was the fairly early days of automating businesses and governments and many organizations were getting their first computer systems.”

Finishing his career at Booz Allen Hamilton, a well-known management consulting firm, as a senior executive, Boudinot acquired numerous skills. 

After realizing his skills were a perfect fit for a city council member, Boudinot decided to dedicate his time and energy to his hometown. 

“When I started looking into what was required, the State of Oklahoma suggests that an appropriate background for a city councilman is experience in financial management, contracting, subcontracting and Robert’s Rules of Order, and, when I saw that, I said that’s me,” Boudinot said. “The city councils in Oklahoma are not a political position, it’s not about Republicans or Democrats, it’s about the management of the municipality-the City of Okmulgee.”

The candidate is planning on focusing his campaign on the economic development of Okmulgee and bringing good jobs to Okmulgee. 

“Economic development is important to the growth of the city and the strength of the city. Clearly, that is something that I will focus on, trying to bring good jobs to the City of Okmulgee, because if we bring good jobs we will bring who can afford to spend money on the city and contribute to the tax base,” Boudinot said. 

Boudinot is also a big proponent of the Okmulgee Rising movement, and wants to redouble efforts related to the movement. 

“The city council members and the mayor are unpaid positions, so I am running for the opportunity to volunteer my time to serve the citizens of the City of Okmulgee. I will appreciate their votes and I promise to serve them well,” Boudinot said. 


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