Night at the Orpheum- Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Maze Runner: The Death Cure may disappoint some

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the last installation in the science-fiction franchise based on the young adult books by James Dashner.Following Thomas, Dylan O’Brien, as he leads the last fight to save his friends, while also continuing the fight against the evil corporation WCKD. 

O’Brien leads a band of rag tag, dystopian teenagers on a rebellious fight to save their friend Minho, Ki Hong Lee, who was taken by WCKD. Minho, similar to Thomas and his friends, have been lab rats for WCKD’s race to find a cure for a disease that turns humans into zombie-esque creatures. 

Much like its forerunners, Maze Runner: The Death Cure will disappoint some audiences with its adolescent plot line and with its characters. Though it might be adolescent with a one-sided plot, Maze Runner: The Death Cure was made to please one specific demographic and it does that well. Unrealistic action sequences and teenagers fighting the system make it an on-point young adult film, mirroring its novel origins. 

As I mentioned before, the action sequences leave a stark depiction of the good and bad guys. The opening scenes start with a rescue mission headed by Thomas. WCKD responds by sending in super soldiers decked out with highly powered weapons, but not a single soldier is able to meet his mark. This is where the movie becomes a little monochromatic. The good guys have an upward projectery throughout the whole film that is not hindered or stopped at any point by WCKD, making Maze Runner: The Death Cure a sad representation of a final film. 

The characters, similar to the plot, were stereotypes of characters seen in dystopian movies targeted towards teenagers. Thomas is a relentless leader whose immaturity leads to problematic developments that eventually just solve themselves. His rebellious nature and questioning of authority are typical characteristics bestowed on younger characters in young adult dystopian movies. Throughout all of the films, Thomas has had very little development; instead, audiences have been watching a relentless battle of a teenager trying to grasp normalcy and trying to maintain his friends. 

Though, story wise, Maze Runner: The Death Cure had a simple plot, the graphics in the film made it pleasing to watch. True to its target audience, the fight scenes were entertaining and high energy, even if it might end in a predictable way. 

As the last installment of the trilogy, Death Cure will provide an ending but not one everyone will enjoy or feel satisfied with. However, it is a good movie to see with your family, making it a good winter blockbuster. Maze Runner: The Death Cure receives 2 Os out of 5 Os. 

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