Grandmothers’s recipe used to help support schools

Special guest at Tuesday’s meeting of the Okmulgee Lions was Anthony Archie (left) pictured with Program Chairman Lion Robert Bible (Photo and information provided by Dean Craig)

By Dean Craig

Okmulgee Lions


Tuesday's Lions Club program was reminiscent of the ancient TV series "The Honeymooners" with Jackie Gleason muttering his famous line of "How sweet it is"--because the program was about the establishing of the Oklahoma Toffee Company.  The program was presented by Anthony Archie, owner of the company, who outlined the unselfish purpose to start the business in the first place--to donate 20 percent of the profits to teachers state-wide.  I can predict that this business will be successful because God only requires 10 percent (tithes) to support the churches.

It just so happened that Archie and I arrived at the church for the meeting at the same time and walked in together.  The first person Archie saw was one of our newest members, Lion Tom Bellatti (Head of Stone Bridge Academy), who had been one of Archie's professors at Oral Roberts University.  In fact, Archie told us that coming to ORU was the reason he had migrated from Chicago to Oklahoma.  The difference in the two cities, Chicago and Tulsa, presented quite a cultural shock to him, but one that he came to embrace, and also that he had met and married his Oklahoma wife, Chelsea.  She had attended Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Northeastern Oklahoma State University, and began her teaching career in Broken Arrow.  Archie was a Youth Pastor in Jenks for seven years, but all during this time, his wife was constantly having to buy pencils, paper, microscopes, and all sorts of supplies for the classroom.  He estimated that they had spent about $1200 one school year on supplies, and they could either complain or help, so they decided to see what they could do to help.

Christmas 2016 was spent with his now-97 year old grandmother in Chicago and he was granted permission to use her toffee candy recipe.  So, Archie rented a commercial kitchen in the Sun Building at 9th and Detroit, owned and leased by former Tulsa Mayor, Kathy Taylor, beginning in April 2017.  

He prepared the candy in 5-ounce bags in three flavors--classic toffee, white macadamia crunch, and dark chocolate-pecan-sea salt.  He prepared 54 bags for the Oklahoma State Fair and sold out in two hours.  Other events, such as Expo Square and Affair of the Heart, has featured this candy.  

He now has seven employees and they supply stores in Oklahoma City, Norman, and Sperry with the candy products.  

His wife presently teaches 7th grade Science in Owasso, and they are presently selling the candy as a fund-raiser.  Archie estimates that Oklahoma Toffee Company has donated around $7,000 to schools in the past two months alone, and about $20,000 total so far.

I bought two bags of the toffee, and my wife and I had to sample them to almost depleting both bags in a short time.  Warning: This candy is almost to the point of being addictive!  You can go online at Oklahoma and order the candy, read about the company, or find out how to apply for funding for school supplies for the teachers.  And, if you are bored, you can attend any of our Tuesday programs and share these interesting programs with us.  Warning:  Our club and programs are almost to the point of being addictive, also. 



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