Morris unable to keep up with Beggs’ fast paced offense

By Kaitlyn Dillard

Times Staff


 Beggs High School’s boys basketball team met county rival the Morris Eagles on their home court Tuesday night, defeating them in a devastating 74-46 loss. 

Despite hard efforts made by Morris’ offense, Beggs took the lead in the first quarter and held onto it until the very end. 

 Eagle Joe McBride carried the first quarter for the Eagles, earning a massive score streak of four baskets, which would be accompanied by teammate Trenton Kelley making a three pointer followed by a two point shot. 

The Eagles were able to earn 13 points in the first quarter, but the Golden Demons were able to edge them out by four points for the lead. 

Beggs offense was in high gear Tuesday night, earning a total of 17 points in the first quarter. EJ Smoot led his team in points throughout the game, earning two baskets in the first quarter. Smoot wasn’t the only high scorer for the Golden Demons with Dusty Pendergrass whipping out three two point shots also in the first quarter. 

The Golden Demons edge over the Eagles increased in the second quarter, with the Demons earning an outstanding 20 points in the second quarter.  

Offensively, the Eagles slowed down in the second quarter earning only a total of 10 points. Eagle Dillion Mattingly started the quarter for the Eagles with a basket, which kickstarted the small scoring spree. McBride and Kelley returned for the second quarter, but were not as successful as the first quarter. Kelley was able to earn a basket, while McBride added points to the scoreboard with two completed shots made at the foul line. Gahrett Powell would add the last basket for the Eagles with a three pointer. 

Where Morris slowed down, Beggs picked up the speed with multiple players completing three pointers left and right. Shaidan Jordan, Amos Gaines, and Jaiden Grayson made three pointers during the third quarter, contributing to the Demons’ outstanding 20 point quarter. 

Going into the third quarter the Eagles still trailed behind the Demons, 59-35, and another high scoring quarter would seal the lead officially. 

The Golden Demons came out of the gate roaring earning a total of 22 points in the third quarter. Jordan and Smoot would tag team the basket along with Pendergrass. Smoot earned an incredible four two point baskets, Jordan tacked on two and Pendergrass would come in with his third basket of the night. 

Beggs also had its fifth three pointer completed by Blake Gomez. 

With the clock ticking down, Morris’ offense picked up in the third quarter attempting to diminish the distance between them and Beggs’ lead. McBride led the team again earning three two pointers and completing two free throws. McBride would only be joined on the scoreboard in the third quarter by Brett Beard who would earn one basket and two free throws. 

Even with McBride’s efforts, the score going into the fourth quarter, 59-35, had the Eagles still facing the Demons’ 14-point lead. 

Beggs was able to add 15 more points to their score in the fourth quarter with players completing five two point baskets and Stacy Phillips completing a three point shot towards the end of the game. 

The Eagles didn’t leave without a fight, earning a total of 11 points for the last quarter from three baskets and the rest from free throws. ­

With a win against county rival the Eagles, the Demons added their fourth win to their season record, making it 4-4, while the Eagles suffered their fifth loss of the season, 7-5.

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