Morris places third to lead county wrestlers


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OKMULGEE - The Okmulgee junior high wrestling program came away with a ninth-place finish at the 2017 Gary McKee Okmulgee Bulldog Wrestling Classic this past Friday.

The Bulldogs finished with 41 team points in the team standings. Holland Hall finished ahead of the OMS squad with 52 points and Metro Christian was 10th with 39.5 points.

The Morris Eagles were the top county team at last Friday's junior high tournament, finishing third with 168 team points. The Eagles finished behind McAlester and Checotah in the team standings. McAlester was the team champion at the Okmulgee tournament with 213.5 team points, followed by Checotah in second with 194 points.

Bethel was fourth in the team standings with 122.5 points, followed by Prague in fifth with 117.5 points.

Warner finished sixth with 102 points, followed by the Henryetta middle school wrestling team in seventh with 97 team points.

The top individual finishers for Okmulgee were Xander Dunn and Daniel Vazquez. Dunn finished third in the 89-pound weight division, while Vazquez earned a bronze medal in the 98-pound weight class at the home tournament.

Dylan Evans was the only other OMS wrestler to compete at the Bulldog Classic, finishing sixth in the 140-pound weight division.

The top individual finishers for Morris at the Okmulgee Tournament were Kolby Adams and Ryan Allred. Adams captured gold in the 120-pound weight division, while Allred was first in the 150-pound weight class.

Joe Burke (126 lbs.) and Pistol Hogan (132 lbs.) earned runner-up finishes for the Eagles in their respective weight classes at the tournament. Mateo Terriquez earned a bronze medal in the 120-pound weight division for Morris, while Jonathon Wood was third in the 275-pound weight class.

Jaxen Wright was the top individual finisher for Henryetta last Friday, capturing gold in the 113-pound weight division.

Issac McNac was next for HMS at the event, finishing second in the 175-pound weight class.

Below are complete individual results from all Okmulgee, Morris, and Henryetta middle school wrestlers that competed at the 2017 Gary McKee Okmulgee Bulldog Wrestling Classic.


Okmulgee Bulldog Classic

Junior High Results

Team Standings

1. McAlester - 213.5

2. Checotah - 194

3. Morris - 168

4. Bethel - 122.5

5. Prague - 117.5

6. Warner - 102

7. Henryetta - 97

8. Holland Hall - 52

9. Okmulgee - 41

10. Metro Christian - 39.5

11. Bristow - 0


Okmulgee Individual Results

89 lbs. - Xander Dunn (3rd Place)

received bye

major decisioned Aden Nowell (Metro Christian)

pinned by Xander Torix (Warner); 3:50

decisioned Calvin Warren (Morris)

98 lbs. - Daniel Vazquez (3rd Place)

received bye

pinned by Austin Baker (Warner); 2:32

pinned Jase Sala (Prague); 0:42

pinned Corbin Clark (Morris); 1:20

pinned Liam Hunalp (Morris); 1:18

pinned Riley Pagent (Henryetta); 1:33

140 lbs. - Dylan Evans (6th Place)

received bye

pinned Brock Butler (Checotah); 3:03

lost to Kobe Cordray (Checotah) by default

lost to Dallas Creekmore (Checotah) by technical fall

pinned by T.J. Ramsey (Bethel); 0:48


Morris Individual Results

80 lbs. - Jared Burke (4th Place)

received bye

received bye

pinned by Sam Anderson (Checotah); 1:03

pinned by Jacob Jenkins (Bethel); 2:44

89 lbs. - Calvin Warren (4th Place)

received  bye

received bye

pinned by Chad Breazeale (Bethel); 0:35

decisioned by Xander Dunn (Okmulgee)

98 lbs. - Liam Hunalp (6th Place)

pinned Jase Sala (Prague); 0:46

decisioned Madi Merrick (McAlester)

lost to Jordan Blair (Bethel) by technical fall

pinned by Daniel Vazquez (Okmulgee); 1:18

decisioned by Madi Merrick (McAlester)

98 lbs. - Corbin Clark

received bye

major decisioned by Riley Pagent (Henryetta)

received bye

pinned by Daniel Vazquez (Okmulgee); 1:20

106 lbs. - Eden Ramos (4th Place)

received bye

pinned by Wayne Gleese (Warner); 3:18

received bye

pinned Brody Murphy (Henryetta); 0:42

major decisioned Andrew Walker (Henryetta)

pinned by Wayne Gleese (Warner); 0:44

113 lbs. - Ryan Toothman (5th Place)

received bye

pinned Rowdy Story (Bethel); 0:20

pinned by Michael Swinford (Prague); 1:07

pinned by Zach Whitman (Checotah); 1:24

pinned Rowdy Story (Bethel); 2:28

113 lbs. - Noah Sheedy

pinned Madison Frye (Henryetta); 0:20

pinned by Ryan Vanblaricom (Prague); 0:34

pinned by Connor Bullard (Henryetta); 0:56

120 lbs. - Kolby Adams (1st Place)

received bye

pinned Hannah Nguyen (Holland Hall); 1:40

pinned Tyler Carpenter (Prague); 0:37

pinned Garrett Wells (Metro Christian); 1:11

120 lbs. - Mateo Terriquez (3rd Place)

received bye

pinned Devin Alfred (Checotah); 1:43

pinned by Garrett Wells (Metro Christian); 0:55

pinned Hannah Nguyen (Holland Hall); 1:32

pinned Tyler Carpenter (Prague); 1:27

120 lbs. - Tyler Guthrie

received bye

major decisioned by Tyler Carpenter (Prague)

received bye

lost to Hannah Nguyen (Holland Hall) by default

126 lbs. - Joe Burke (2nd Place)

received bye

received bye

pinned Kadyn McCleary (Bethel); 0:23

lost to Caleb Squyres (McAlester) by technical fall

132 lbs. - Pistol Hogan (2nd Place)

received bye

pinned Conor Yost (Prague); 1:32

pinned Mason Coleman (Checotah); 3:06

pinned by Chase Petro (Prague); 1:37

132 lbs. - Lane Sloan

received bye

lost to Chase Petro (Checotah) by forfeit

lost to Nick West (McAlester) by forfeit

140 lbs. - Cade Hanlin

received bye

pinned by Joe Girty (Warner); 0:32

received bye

decisioned by Dallas Creekmore (Checotah)

150 lbs. - Ryan Allred (1st Place)

received bye

received bye

pinned Austin Cook (Metro Christian); 0:41

pinned Kolten Walker (McAlester); 1:29

150 lbs. - Richard Crouch (6th Place)

received bye

pinned Braxton Rath (Bethel); 1:28

pinned by Kolten Walker (McAlester); 1:09

decisioned by Lane Nohelty (McAlester)

pinned by Dexton McKee (Prague); 1:06

162 lbs. - Melissa Craig

received bye

lost to Trey Howard (McAlester) by forfeit

received bye

double forfeit - Brayden Short (Henryetta)

200 lbs. - Tarin Anderson (5th Place)

received bye

pinned Andrew Soler (Prague); 0:22

pinned by Cord Montgomery (Checotah); 0:34

pinned by Joseph Rooker (Bethel); 1:33

pinned Adrian Richardson (McAlester); 4:43

200 lbs. - Alex Brant

pinned Jaxxin Smith (McAlester); 3:36

pinned by Bailey McIntosh (Checotah); 0:19

pinned by Fischer Gambill (Bethel); 0:57

275 lbs. - Jonathon Wood (3rd Place)

received bye

pinned Esai Ramirez (Morris); 0:43

pinned by Jalen Akins (Checotah); 1:10

decisioned Kade Hemmerling (McAlester)

pinned Esai Ramirez (Morris); 0:17

275 lbs. - Esai Ramirez (4th Place)

pinned Jacob Girty (Warner); 3:44

pinned by Jonathon Wood (Morris); 0:43

pinned Ty Vinson (Checotah); 2:43

pinned Alejandro Tapia (Prague); 1:35

pinned by Jonathon Wood (Morris); 0:17

275 lbs. - Billy Robertson

decisioned by Ty Vinson (Checotah)

received bye

decisioned by Kade Hemmerling (McAlester)

275 lbs. - Tyler Wood

pinned by Kylar Pouncil (Checotah); 0:56

received bye

pinned by Ty Vinson (Checotah); 0:43


Henryetta Individual Results

98 lbs. - Riley Pagent (4th Place)

received bye

major decisioned Corbin Clark (Morris)

pinned by Austin Baker (Warner); 3:21

decisioned Madi Merrick (McAlester)

pinned by Daniel Vazquez (Okmulgee); 1:33

106 lbs. - Andrew Walker (6th Place)

received bye

pinned Colton Laizure (Prague); 2:27

pinned by John Goodyear (McAlester); 1:03

major decisioned by Eden Ramos (Morris)

pinned by Colton Laizure (Prague); 0:40

106 lbs. - Brody Murphy

received bye

lost to Malachi Harris (Checotah) by technical fall

received bye

pinned by Eden Ramos (Morris); 0:42

113 lbs. - Jaxen Wright (1st Place)

received bye

pinned Zach Whitman (Checotah); 1:36

pinned Ryan Vanblaricom (Prague); 1:37

pinned Michael Swinford (Prague); 1:24

113 lbs. - Connor Bullard

pinned by Rowdy Story (Bethel); 1:24

received bye

pinned Noah Sheedy (Morris); 0:56

pinned by Zach Whitman (Checotah); 1:54

113 lbs. - Madison Fye

pinned by Noah Sheedy (Morris); 0:20

received bye

pinned by Rowdy Story (Bethel); 0:24

126 lbs. - James Martin (4th Place)

received bye

pinned by Eli Batt (Prague); 1:29

received bye

pinned Joshua Robertson (Prague); 0:32

pinned Kadyn McCleary (Bethel); 0:39

pinned by Eli Batt (Prague); 3:23

132 lbs. - Madison Byroads (6th Place)

received bye

pinned by Mason Coleman (Checotah); 0:36

received bye

pinned Conor Yost (Prague); 1:50

major decisioned by Matt Clover (Checotah)

pinned by Anthony Sanchez (McAlester); 3:28

162 lbs. - Brayden Short

received bye

lost to Morgan Arnold (Holland Hall) by forfeit

received bye

double forfeit - Melissa Craig (Morris)

175 lbs. - Isaac McNac (2nd Place)

received bye

pinned Ashton Pohl (Holland Hall); 0:29

pinned Craig Bourlon (Bethel); 0:45

pinned by Johnathan McGuire (Checotah); 1:50

200 lbs. - Elliot Jones

pinned by Josephy Rooker (Bethel); 2:15

pinned Jason Witherspoon (Prague); 0:45

pinned Andrew Soler (Prague); 0:21

decisioned by Adrian Richardson (McAlester)

275 lbs. - Jose Perez

received bye

pinned by Alejandro Tapia (Prague); 3:12

pinned Jacob Girty (Warner); 0:39

decisioned by Kade Hemmerling (McAlester)

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