Eagles fall at home to Kellyville

Sophomore Center Joe McBride, 30, eyes a Kellyville player as he goes up for a basket during Friday night’s game against the Kellyville Ponies. McBride was the star of the third quarter shooting and completing an astounding six two point shots. He also led the Eagles in points with 26 total points earned throughout the game.
(Kaitlyn Dillard, Okmulgee Times)


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Morris’ High School Boys Basketball team held its first home game of the season against the Kellyville Ponies, suffering a 61-52 defeat.

Morris sophomore center Joe McBride opened up the home opener in true form, earning two baskets at the beginning of the first quarter. McBride’s two-pointers were quickly followed by two completed free throw shots, putting Morris on the scoreboard with 11 points in the first quarter.

McBride’s points were also accompanied by teammate Eli Martin, who earned one two-point basket that was preceded by a free throw.

The Kellyville Ponies would not allow the Eagles to obtain a lead right out of the gate, matching them point for point and tying the game in the first quarter, 11-11.

The Eagles lost hold of the opportunity to earn a lead in the second quarter, letting the Ponies get ahead of them by six points, 28-22.

McBride and junior forward Dillion Mattingly contributed to the 11 points the Eagles put on the scoreboard, earning two baskets each in the second quarter. Morris was also able to earn shots from four fouls, completing three free throws.

The Ponies obtained an extensive lead after halftime with 22 points in the third quarter with one player earning four three-point shots in just one quarter.

McBride tried to carry the Eagles, earning 12 of the 15 points Morris gained in the third quarter, but with McBride as their only main contributor, the Eagles could not compete with Kellyville’s offense.

Down in the last quarter 50-37, the Eagles tried to pull in more points but were left short by nine points at the end of the game, giving Kellyville a 61-52 win.

Senior forward Brett Beard stepped up in the fourth quarter with two baskets and four complete free throws. McBride also earned his eleventh two-pointer of the night, totaling his points at 26 points for the entire game. 

McBride was followed by Beard, who earned a total of 13 points during the game. 

The Morris Eagles are currently 1-1 on the season after the home defeat. The lone win came in the season opener at Liberty.

The Eagles were scheduled to play against Weleetka Tuesday night.

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