Night at the Orpheum - Thor:Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

The third installation in the Thor franchise follows the mythical god as he fights against his evil sister Helo, trying to save his home from destruction. Thor: Ragnarok is an eye catching film in numerous ways, deviating from the other superhero movies that Marvel has put out recently. 

Thor: Ragnarok is a beautifully stunning film utilizing CGI in a masterful way to bring Asgard and the other alien planets to life. It’s one strong point is the vibrant colors and costumes used throughout the film and the trailers. It differs from the normal color scheme of most Marvel movies, giving it a brand of its own. 

The graphics are not the only attractive aspect of Thor: Ragnarok. The third installation of the Thor franchise truly brings to life its main protagonist in a way its predecessors failed to do so. Though he is still a simple character, the development that the audience gets to watch on screen during Thor: Ragnarok  is really entertaining. He has to experience himself without his trusty hammer, making it vital for him to tap into his true god powers. 

Some of the plot is reminiscent of the most recent Iron Man film to come out, Iron Man 3, which also depicts its main superhero protagonist struggling to cope without his superpower security blanket. Though the two films share some aspects in common, Thor: Ragnarok couldn’t be any different. 

Thor: Ragnarok taps into a type of humor that the Marvel franchise has become known for. A silly, almost self deprecating hilarity ensues throughout the film in a variety of characters, but instead of feeling old and worn out the film pulls it off. 

There are several scenes that stand out not for the graphics or acting, but simply for a line of dialogue that will leave the audience rolling in their seats.  

Some of this can be attributed to the director, Taika Waititi, who is known for movies such as What We Do in the Shadows. The New Zealand director has had his fair share of comedy. What We Do in the Shadows  has a different type of humor but the approach Waititi has for Thor is no different. Both visit a stark reality with a poignant and sometimes ironic viewpoint that leaves viewers grasping their sides from laughter. 

Waititi even stars in Thor: Ragnarok as Korg, an alien trapped as a gladiator, and despite being a side character has some really great and hilarious moments. 

Thor:Ragnarok keeps the elements that fans love about the Marvel movies but keeps it fresh with revamped graphics and amazing storytelling. Combining these elements with the stark, light humor Thor:Ragnarok receives 3.5 Os out of 5. 

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