Night at the Orpheum- Blade Runner: 2049

Blade Runner: 2049 astounds audiences


The sequel that every cult fan of its predecessor, Blade Runner, has waited for, hit theaters and is everything that the first movie was and much more. Blade Runner: 2049 is a beautifully mastered movie that blends plot, cinematography and acting into one of the best movies of the year. 

Ryan Gosling portrays a newly inducted blade runner, Officer K, who unearths a secret that was hidden and leads him on a quest in search for Rick Deckland (Harrison Ford). Though it might seem like a simple action-centered film, Blade Runner: 2049 is anything but. It is a long, winding journey for Officer K who discovers the distinction, or the line, between what makes humanity truly humane. 

The film puts humanity through a microscopic lens in the form of a science-fiction, action thriller and does so in a way that leaves the audience perplexed and intrigued. Officer K is an unusual character that is used as a template for the exploration of the human soul. He has an interesting and complex relationship with what is essentially a hologram of a beautiful woman that is an AI home system named JOI (Ana de Armas). 

To contrast with Officer K’s search to find out the secret that could destroy the world as he knows, is the leader and owner of Wallace Corporation Niander Wallace (Jared Leto). Wallace is a cold man who creates Replicants to use for off-world exploration and colonization. Leto is a surprising semi-antagonist and plays it off well, redeeming himself from his Joker portrayal. 

The most astounding part of the film is the cinematography. It plays off so well with its 1982 predecessor, using close up shots of buildings and creating gloomy, apocalyptic shots, but in a way that makes it feel modern. Scenes seem to play off of each other in sharp contrast with panned shots that quickly turn into a close up. The cinematography is fantastically paired with CGI components to create a world the viewer can immerse themselves into, making a perfect science fiction setting for the film that is reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. 

One scene in particular does this beautifully. Officer K has just come face to face with Rick Deckard who attacks him in an abandoned casino with a glitchy hologram of Elvis and other 50s-60s stars. Creating a disorienting fight scene that is superbly entertaining. 

Blade Runner: 2049 is the science-fiction movie of the year and maybe for our time. It does everything with the finesse of a modern film and just the right amount of nostalgia to entertain both those who have seen the 80s film and new fans. 


5 out of 5 Os.

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