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Only Faith in Jesus is our Lifesaver


From all we have been told by Jesus and his disciples in Spirit and in Truth, we know well all our religious practices are not end in themselves; rather, they are performed to realize the biggest goal in life, namely to encounter the glorious and powerful God, not just during our prayertimes, but in everyday chores, especially in life’s critical situations. In many life’s events where the disciples encountered such crisis Jesus exhorted them and through them told us how to handle those critical moments. 

In one such event, as we are read in Matt. 14: 22-33, the disciples were hitting upon a natural disorder as wind and waves tossing their boat about. Their fear of capsizing was aggravated by wrongly thinking about Jesus, who came to join them, as a ghost approaching them. In that dangerous situation, though they showed their weak faith, Jesus insisted that they should have courage, asking them, do not be afraid. Even though Jesus had demonstrated at some other time his power of calming the roaring sea, in this event he didn’t do anything about it but compelled his disciples to hold on to their faith in his continuous mighty presence. Even when Peter was daring enough to ask Jesus to prove his worth, Jesus asked him to walk by his own faith on the water. Since Peter did not possess strong faith at that moment, he failed walking on the water; but using this event as a grace-filling occasion Jesus strengthened Peter’s faith. 

Through this miraculous event, Jesus tells us that the mighty encounter from heaven is always open to every human but it requires a strong and sincere faith in him. We discover this truth from many of our forebears. For example, read about Prophet Elijah’s encounter with God, especially during one of his worst lifesituations. (Ref. 1 Kgs. 19: 9-13) Elijah earning the wrath of Jezebel, wife of Ahab, because he spoke on behalf of his true God. As a result, the prophet had to flee into the desert. There, he was in despair and frustration. He sat under a broom tree and prayed for God to take his life. While he felt lonely and helpless, he would have expected God to encounter him. The compassionate Lord indeed heard his inner mourning; first He sent an angel providing the prophet food for his journey. But Elijah wanted more, namely an intimate experience of God’s divine presence. God certainly tried to satisfy the heart’s desire of His messenger but in His own unique way. Like most of the humans, the Prophet expected God’s powerful presence in wild natural forces like strong heavy wind or earthquake or in burning fire. But God had ‘his own way as high way’. He made the Prophet experience the divine presence in a tiny whispering sound of breeze.  This is to say to us that God will meet us surely in our trials and tribulations but at his own time and in his own way. Our only faith-filled job is to vigilantly wait for God’s timely move.

God has been behaving the same way in human history. Very sadly, as his Son Jesus, God lamented many times over his adopted children’s stubbornness and unfaithfulness. It continues till this day. We are told by Jesus the reason for the absence of such miraculous deeds of God not happening in our midst is the lack of faith among us. 

Today, more than ever before, as we are thwarted and tossed in every aspect of life, God does want us to encounter Him. We are in the midst of a roiling sea. Can he still be found in the perils of our time? Yes, He is there, but it is hard to recognize him because we don’t hold the true faith even the mustard seed size as He expects!  If we really encounter Him in faith, friendship and deep love, then He will make every bit of our life’s perils become quiet, when the stormy wind keeps blowing; even we will be empowered by His Presence to walk cooly on the ‘troubled waters’. 


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Rev. Benjamin Vima, a retired pastor, residing in Beggs, spends his time in praying, writing and visiting the sick and the homebound. Plus, writing devotional articles for Okmulgee Times, he serves Christians worldwide through writing and publishing books on Christian Spirituality and Scriptural meditations. 

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