Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Below is a letter to the City of Beggs which I hand delivered to the City Clerk: 


An Open Letter to:

Kathryn Bell, Mayor and Doris Tharp, City Clerk and Jim Sweeden, Code Enforcer.

On Monday, 31st of July, 2017, I spoke to a man with a pickup, pulling trailer with a mower on the trailer.  He was parked on Fifth (5th) Street just west of Okmulgee Street. The house number was 401; it may not have been reflective.  He said that the City sprayed the tall grass in right of way of 5th Street between Okmulgee Street and the alley. The dead grass appeared to be a fire hazard.  Please, what is the procedure for me to get the City to  mow and spray the right of way of 5th Street in front of 204 West  Fifth. Please, check City of Beggs’ maps; in doing so you will find the both Fifth and Osage Streets are seventy (70) feet wide.

 On page 1-E-1, the Mandatory training manual states: Equal Protection:   “. . . nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection on the laws.”  These words forbid a government from treating persons different treatment is based on a “reasonable classification” related to the legitimate purposes of functions of the government.

Please, explain how the owners of property at 204 W 5th and 401 N. Okmulgee were classified.

Please, is the property east of Choctaw, with a south boundary of Fifth Street and a north boundary of Seventh exempted for the nuisance code?  The grass appears to be Johnson Grass, which is classified as a noxious weed.

Please, is the property north of the Dollar General exempted from nuisance code?

Please, do guidelines exist to determine if properties are being evaluated objectively?  Or could this all be subjective?

Section 8-201 Definitions.  For the purposes of this chapter.  1.  “Boarding and securing” or “boarded or locking of any and all exterior openings so as to prevent entry into the structure.  I think that the old 45th Armory may need some windows boarded.

At the northwest corner of the old 45th Armory, is a piece of rust pipe with a concrete footing; also, attached is some cyclone fence.  This item has been there for several years.  Why is this not classified a debris?

Section 8-303; 1. At least fifteen (15) days’ notice shall be given . . . I wonder why the mayor gave me ten (10) days?   The mayor’s letter to me dated July 18, 2017, stated “You have been advised in the past verbal . . .” Please, advise me of as to who, when and where this advisement happened?  Thanks !!!

What is the story on the north side of West Main Street from Sapulpa Street to Muskogee Street?  Whose property is this?  City of Beggs or some other entity?

 My casual observation is that arbitrarily and capricious definitely describes this code enforcement. I need to review the nuisances’ letter to determine for sure. I may need to recant my statements.

Please, is any consideration being given to enforcement of Chapter 2 Zoning Regulations . . . 12-201? Mobile Home Restriction. . . . 3.  Standard mobile home tie downs placed a minimum of fifteen feet (15’) shall be installed on each section of a manufactured mobile home.

I asked the city clerk what a copy of the city code would cost me? The reply was eighty something, which to me is ambiguous as my recollection is that the city council set the price. Also, eighty dollars for a code book similar to the one in the Okmulgee County Clerk’s office is not reasonable.   It appears to be a locally created with an inexpensive notebook binder with hand written tabs for the different sections.  I think I can duplicate the before mention code book for approximately one half (1/2) the quoted price.


Across Main Street on the opposite side street from house number 603 is a property which is overgrown and I would say that the house is dilapidated. Please, did the owner receive a letter to abate?

Across Fifth Street on the opposite side street from house number 301 are two property which is overgrown. Please, did the owners receive letters to abate?

As I look at the old 45th armory, I wonder if the morning glory (also written as morning-glory) is the common name for over 1,000 species of flowering plants in the family Convolvulaceae] if they are weeds. Sure look like what I hoed as a teenager. Also, the trumpet vines and wild grapes appear not to be in compliance with “the code.”

Reflective letters . . . Chapter Two Section 12-203 Addressing numbering per the following specifications:  B. 1.   . . . reflective letters . . . reading left to right.   Please, is 8125 reading left to right? Yes it is when I lay on my right side and look at the letters; however, then the numbers are lying down. I cannot see a number on the mobile home, which does not appear to be tied down in compliance with “the code.”

Please, will someone phone me when the records I request are available?  Thanks !!!

A car is parked near 207 N. Broadway with a flat right front tire.  It appears to be facing the wrong way and is more than 18 inches from the curb.   Is the police department or the code enforcer’s area of responsibility?

Yours truly,


O. G .Thompson



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