City council recognizes contributors to success

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Steven Baldridge formally thanked the Muscogee (Creek) Nation for funding and orchestrating the paving on Mission Road. Chris Azbell (right), the Secretary of the Interior, accepts a Resolution of Appreciation from Baldridge as the representative of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. 

By Kaitlyn Dillard

Times Staff Writer


Two vital entities to the City of Okmulgee were recognized during Okmulgee’s City Council meeting Tuesday. Mayor Steven Baldridge presented a Resolution of Appreciation to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, thanking the Nation for the funding and work dedicated to the paving of Mission Road. 

“With such projects as the overlay of the large portion of Mission Road at the cost of over $240,000 to the nation, and whereas the Creek Nation continues to invest in the quality of life for all citizens in the greater Okmulgee area,” Baldridge said, reading from the Resolution presented to the Secretary of the Interior, Chris Azbell, who also is a member of City Council. 

As a part of National Public Works Week, which takes place the following week, Baldridge also presented Rick Miller, Public Works Director, with a proclamation, recognizing the hard work and effort put in by Public Works to the City of Okmulgee. 

After recognizing both the Muscogee Creek Nation and Okmulgee Public Works, City Council members unanimously agreed to give the city permission to sell, as they see fit, old police and sanitation cars that are no longer in use. 

City Council then approved a resolution which would notify the public of this year’s new Okmulgee Municipal Code 2017A, allowing residents to review and purchase the code at the office of the Okmulgee City Clerk. 

The rural water districts, after last July, will have another increase in rates. City Council approved a $0.15 increase for every 1,000 gallons of water, making the total rate $3.60 per 1,000 gallons, which will go into effect on July 1 of this year. The rural water district has been active for the past three years, and City Council plans to continue to raise the water rate in small increments. 

Members of City Council also approved electing City Manager of the City of Harrah Earl Burson, City Manager of the City of Altus Janice Cain and City Manager of the City of Collinsville Pam Polk to the 2017 Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group ballot. 

According to the memo provided, the City of Okmulgee is eligible to participate and cast one vote for the Trustees offices of the Board of Trustees of the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group due to its participation in the Oklahoma Municipal Group. 

Red Flag, an identity theft prevention program, submitted its annual report, which was unanimously approved by city council members. According to the report, due to so few issues related to identity theft, the only slight change is that the program revert to an annual review and report, rather than submitting a report semi-annually. 

As a continuation on the water line easement, members voted to approve two temporary easements and two permanent easements. The easements will allow construction to continue on the Water Transmission Line Improvements Project.  

The city council then considered and voted to approve a request by Kathy A. Bell, a resident of Okmulgee, who submitted, by letter, asking if the City of Okmulgee would be interested in the donation of property willed to her. 

The Okmulgee Municipal Authority met after the regular meeting adjourned. Members voted to approve two items already considered by the City Council. The Okmulgee Municipal Authority voted to approve the increase in the rural water rates and also voted to approve the easements that would allow the Water Transmission Line Improvements Project to continue. 

 Supplemental Agreement No. 3, which would delegate $10,000 to continue the phase 2 part of the bridge design agreement with Guy Engineering Services was also approved. The agreement repays Guy Engineering Services for unexpected and additional services, such as electric utility relocation and environmental contamination remediation. 

The Okmulgee Economic Authority met for its regular session after the Okmulgee Municipal Authority. Due to the lack of items to be reviewed, members quickly voted to approve last meeting’s minutes. Similar to the Okmulgee Economic Authority, the Okmulgee Community Trust, which meets afterwards, did not have anything to approve, so members rapidly approved minutes and claims. 

Departments under the City of Okmulgee submitted  memos updating council members and residents on the occurrences and highlights of their programs. 



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